CastleCourt Belfast wanted to spread a little Mother’s Day joy to all their customers.

Traditionally a day where children give flowers and presents to their mothers, the team wanted to do something different from the usual.

The team at CastleCourt wanted to create an interactive Mother’s Day card that would drive engagement in the centre and awareness across their social media channels.


Kids young and old were able to create a twist on the traditional Mother’s Day card from the branded selfie mirror that could be used to celebrate ‘super mums’.

The CastleCourt team worked with the Lumina Selfie Pod team to create:

  • An engaging and interactive Happy Mother’s Day Selfie Mirror
  • A bright and bold photo template that celebrates how all our super mums are and allowed for personalised messages to be drawn on
  • Instant social sharing to increase CastleCourt brand awareness
  • A take home photo that could be used as a personalised Happy Mother’s Day card


Children, adults, mums and dads all made use of the Mother’s Day Mirror and came together to celebrate and show their dear mums just how much they love them.

Poses were struck with mums and their kids as well as by dads and youngsters who took the time to personalise their images and share them on social media.

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