Lumina brings not only the latest in digital interactive event experiences but it does so with over 30 years of business, marketing and advertising expertise. We bring together with the most captivating, cut-edge technology in interactive audience experiences! 

Lumina sources only the most innovative and engaging products to create the perfect interactive event.  We are all about people!  So we design your package with a fun and positive attitude.  That creates an engaging entertaining event and maximises your marketing spend.

Alan Hogshaw

Founder and director Alan Hogshaw created Lumina in 2015 with the idea of bringing excitement and originality to events market.  Lumina wants to elevate your branding and products to a whole new inspiring platform. Alan Hogshaw has over 35 years in business and marketing, working with some of Ireland’s most prestigious brands to create focused and successful marketing strategies. 

What makes Alan’s portfolio so successful is his personal approach to every event and every client,  He combines pioneering technology and an effective business acumen. He is an advocate for perfection so his attention to detail makes for a positive communicative experience for clients and audiences alike.