2020 Wedding Trends

2020 Wedding Trends

2020 Weddings Trends are big news and despite the downturn in the economy and the uncertainty over Brexit, one thing hasn’t changed at all, Weddings in Ireland are big business and just as stylish as ever!

Over the last decade Irish weddings have adopted influences and ideas from American Weddings. Everything from Outdoor weddings and dessert tables to Balloon Backdrops and unplugged ceremonies came from our overseas cousins, to begin with then given a little twist to make them work for a wedding in Ireland.

With 2020 heralding the start of a brand-new decade, we see wedding trends from all over the world influencing our plans and wedding style. One major source of bridal inspiration is coming from the other side of the world in the form of the laid back yet super stylish Australian wedding.

Brides and Grooms from Oz are all about adding that personal touch to your wedding day while still making it all look completely effortless! For many brides, once you are engaged (or maybe even before then) you will have found yourself pinning inspiration and ideas on many a Pinterest board so with this in mind we have rounded up our favourite Wedding trends that you will see coming through in 2020.


Grab a cuppa, get ready to screenshot and enjoy!

Shake it up with Cocktails

How amazing would it be to treat your Wedding guests to a signature cocktail named after you and your fiancée! Guests arriving at the drinks reception get to enjoy a choice of cocktails named after the newlyweds – popular choices and real crowd-pleasers as wedding drinks reception cocktails would be Strawberry Daquiri and Whiskey sours.

A really simple way to offer a cocktail of choice at your drinks reception is to serve Cocktails in jugs or keep it vintage with Kilner Jars – you can even allow your guests to self-pour if you think they will behave!

In 2020 you can take the Wedding Cocktail trend a step further by hiring a cocktail bar for your drinks reception complete with a mixologist! This is such a unique and fun way to offer your guests something a little different while also keeping them entertained. You can also have a bit of fun creating a signature cocktail menu.


First Look Photos

This is a really divisive trend that we have seen a few couples dabble in over the last few years but is set to become really popular with modern couples getting married in Ireland in 2020 and beyond. 2020 Wedding Trends the main idea behind the ‘First Look Wedding Day Photo’ is to give the couple a chance to have a few moments together, away from their guests and have a little quality time together before the wedding ceremony begins. It gives the couple an opportunity to see each other away from their guests and the nerves of the wedding ceremony and also gives the photographer a chance to capture some amazing emotional and candid moments.

If you are thinking of going down the route of doing a first look photo then there are some fabulous reasons to go for it –

  • Saves you time! You may be thinking if you do a first look photo before the ceremony then you will be rushed to be ready earlier and it will mean having to get organised for Hair and Makeup at an ungodly hour but in reality, you won’t need to be ready much earlier than normal.
  • You would plan to meet up with your photographer and fiancée at a location not too far from the ceremony venue, allowing around 30-45 minutes to get some shots with your soon to be husband or wife. Having this time to take photos before the wedding ceremony means that you will have more time following the ceremony to spend relaxing and mingling with your guests at the drinks reception which you’d mostly miss out on otherwise.
  • Ease your nerves! Let’s face it, even the thought of walking down the aisle to your fiancée can leave some Brides and Grooms an absolute nervous wreck! Having a first look photo, just the two of you means you can get the nerves and ugly crying out of the way and just relax and enjoy your wedding ceremony!

Flowers to suit!

2020 Wedding Trends there are literally two types of couples when it comes to wedding flowers – those who want to use flowers as part of the overall décor theme and those who see them as a pretty accessory to hold for photos. Whichever flower camp you belong to you can either choose to splash out on real flowers and allocate your budget accordingly or you can go with an increasingly popular trend of using artificial flowers as part of your big day!

  • Artificial Flowers
    • From Floral hoops, bouquets and even decorative arches lots of savvy couples are choosing to go artificial with their wedding flowers. We’ve come a long way since carnation buttonholes and the quality available in silk flowers means that whether you choose to DIY your flowers or hire professional, artificial flowers can look just as wow as the real thing!
    • The one thing to remember about artificial flowers is you get what you pay for! Ideally, you want to go with flowers that look as close to the real thing as possible so that your guests almost have to touch or smell them to know if they are fake! With the growing popularity of silk or artificial flowers more and more florists are offering this as a service where you can order everything from buttonholes for the men to full decorative flower installations.
  • The Real Deal
    • Real fresh wedding flowers are always going to be the most popular choice with Irish couples getting married and for 2020 Brides are choosing to go big and bold with lots of colour, oversized Bridal Bouquets, and intricate flower decor. While jewel toned flowers will be big in the next 12 months these will be toned down and mixed with lush greens and the wedding trend that will be everywhere in 2020 – Pampas Grass!
    • Any modern couple worth their weight in confetti will have Pampas grass featuring somewhere in their wedding décor with Ceremony Arches, Centrepiece and oversized bouquets being a popular choice

Statement Suits

Men no longer take a back seat when it comes to the 2020 Wedding Trends planning and most now want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to their wedding day suits. 2020 really is set to be the year of the Groom! Over the years, all the focus has been on the Bride and her dress, but Grooms are no longer willing to blend in with the Bridal party and want to stand out on their own! Next year we will see an increase in the Groom buying a suit rather than renting – its an investment and something that is added into the budget so that the Groom feels just as special as his Bride on their Big Day.

In terms of styling the men for the wedding, we will still see the Groomsmen in hired suits with the Groom in a different but complimenting suit. A huge trend for Grooms wear will be the mismatched suit where the Grooms jacket is a different colour to his trousers, we will also see a return of the tux with the super stylish groom even opting for a plush velvet tux jacket and keeping the groomsmen in traditional black. Another super trendy and easy to wear look for your Groom is a beautiful tweed suit – it is a great way to add a little colour to the Bridal Party with so many options of tweed jackets now available. Watch out 2020 Brides – Grooms are really upping the style stakes!

Alternative Bridesmaid Dresses

We may have mentioned that the men are upping the wedding style stakes but Bridesmaids are ready to take them on and have a new style all of their own in 2020 Wedding Trends. One of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process has always been choosing the Bridesmaid dresses.

Dress Shopping is the perfect excuse to get the girl gang together for some bonding time which usually comes with lots of day trips and a little prosecco along the way! Bridesmaids are no longer confined to a dress that they have to wear, modern brides want their Bridesmaids to be super stylish and to add to the overall look of the wedding. Step forward the super stylish alternative Bridesmaid –

  • Mismatched styles – a really good way to create a little point of difference with your Bridal Party look is to have your bridesmaids in the same colour and fabric but different styles. This gives your girl gang the opportunity to wear a dress that suits their personality and shape while still giving a cohesive Bridal Party look with a modern twist!
  • Jumpsuits – every girl loves a jumpsuit and now its perfectly acceptable to have your besties kitted out in the cutest outfits for your wedding day. While it may not be the most practical option for wedding day attire, a jumpsuit is a great option if you want a unique Bridesmaid look! There’s always that one tomboy bridesmaid in the group who will love you forever for not making her wear a dress to your wedding!
  • Bridesmaids Choice – this one may be a trend we’ve been swooning over from all the stunning American weddings we’ve been lusting over on our Pinterest boards for the last few years. 2020 sees Irish Brides taking the plunge and going for something completely different for their Bridesmaids and giving u control! A major trend that is set to rocket in 2020 is letting your bridal party choose their own dresses – give them a guideline of a colour palette or perhaps a floral or sequins theme and let them choose their own dresses. This works really well if you have and odd number in your Bridal Party and everyone sticks to the rules!
  • Metallics – not to be confused with glitter and sequins; the metallic Bridesmaid trend is super glam but with minimal fuss. Clean lines, simple necklines and then wow with a stunning metallic fabric – this works so well with pastel colours to give a beautiful contemporary twist to what is essentially an evening gown as a bridesmaid dress.
2020 Wedding Trends