Top 10 Wedding Trends in 2019

The Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2019

Trend 1 – Coral is the Colour Of The Year
You might have heard, that Pantone announced living coral as the colour of the year. Vibrant, warm, buoyant, joyful and optimistic – this colour is a great addition to any wedding theme.👰👰👰 A cheery tone that’s perfect for weddings, coral is a fantastic colour to incorporate into a sunny summer wedding via everything from coral flowers, bridesmaids dresses, cakes, makeup and colour schemes.

Silver sage, mustard and dusty rose are also in trend in 2019, Want to be original, but not ready to give up your dream of a traditional white wedding? Add some colour elements! Each detail on your big day looks more stylish with some extra colouring!🥂❤️👰

Trend 2 – Grazing Tables
Grazing Tables are trending in wedding catering right now! Grazing tables are brilliant for creating an informal vibe at your wedding – if there’s one thing that gets guests mingling, it’s a table piled high with delicious antipasti, charcuterie and dips!

Whether you chose to skip the canapes and offer grazing tables as a cocktail-hour option, replace the main course with a family-style spread, or bring them out for late-night snacking, this is a fun and delicious way to look after your wedding guests!

Trend 3 – Wedding Dresses .
The hottest wedding dresses trends for 2019. Minimalists can rejoice because 2019 heralds the return of classic designs and simple styles. And of course, the poster girl for this trend is Meghan Markle and her striking yet simple bracelet-sleeved, bateau-necked ceremony gown and halter neck reception dress. For this style, tailoring is key, as is finding the right silhouette to suit your shape.

No more boring wedding gowns! Be yourself, be original, don’t be afraid to stand out! 👰❤️💋

Trend 4 – Wedding Hairstyles
Vintage and rustic weddings are definitely on the rise, and the style dictates every detail, including hair. Just like wedding hairstyles also change with each passing year. (Need proof? Just take a look at your mom’s wedding photos, feathered bangs and all.) What’s the next big trend, you wonder?We tapped top wedding hairstylists for their predictions on the most popular in 2019.
“Wedding hairstyles in 2019 will be all about texture, texture, texture. Bridal hair is trending more and more towards cool girl styles and increasingly farther away from fixed curls and a heavily sprayed look. Natural and a bit undone is the new chic.
From Meghan Markle messy bun to hair done up with eye-catching accessories, these will be popular in 2019″

Trend 5 – Opulent wedding cakes
We’ve seen a lot of amazing wedding cakes, but 2019 will welcome even more impressive creations. 2018’s Royal Weddings are likely to inspire couples to make more opulent choices.

Metallic touches, personalised monograms and regal piping will be on everyone’s cake agenda. Even more exciting are the amazing array of textures we’re expecting – rippled icing, decorative finishes and show-stopping sugar flowers will take guests’ breath away. It’s all about bespoke – let the your imagination soar and the magic begin.

Trend 6 – Dog Groomer

For  better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, your pet has given you unconditional love. Imagine your  best friend by your side on the most important day of your life.

Petticoat Tails Ireland is a unique pet chaperone service providing 🥇class accommodation,  professional  pampering and an array of accessories. Complete with our fully delivered chauffeur service and the talents of our  professional trainer;  your pet can arrive in style, play a part or simply be the perfect guest at your wedding. 

Quirky, creative and just a little bit different.

Trend 7: The Most Popular Look In Flowers This Year
We asked Therese the Award Winning Chelsea Show Designer for this year’s trends. “In 2019 wedding flowers the trend is to use natural Styles with a nice selection of foliage and texture like berries etc. Ivory is still the most popular colour when it comes the bouquet but lots of brides are adding extra colours to reflect the personality of the bride and groom.
In 2019 weddings, greenery continues to be a classic go-to shade, with flowers and foliage becoming more organic and lush. Trees and use of foliage throughout floral designs will take centre stage with florals will be natural, whimsical and romantic.”

Trend 8 – Wedding Balloon Decorations.
Balloons make amazing wedding decorations! This is one of the newest and craziest trends. They can be used for bride and groom sculptures, balloon arches, columns, and centerpieces. 👰❤️ From the single balloon to bespoke organic arches, door arches, beautiful centerpiece, unique columns and stunning balloon walls to make that special day you and your guests never forget.


Each customer is special to them, they will sit down and plan your whole event regardless of the level and decor required. No event or budget is too small or too large. 

Trend 9 – Vintage Mirrors and Pods

These add a fun element after your reception and are a great way of bringing all the guests together. This fills the gap straight after the meal until your band starts playing and the dance floor fills up. 😂 With 3 hours of fun, unlimited prints, sign your Selfie and games for the kids. Package includes

3 hours Lumina Vintage Mirror or Vintage Photo Pod hire
An array of vintage wedding themed props
A choice of 6 vintage photo templates
Choice of 4 vintage photo backdrops
Unlimited photo prints for your wedding guests
A friendly, professional Lumina attendant
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Trend 10 – Longer Weddings
As weddings in Ireland and the UK swell to two, three and four-day affairs with guests staying together for much longer. The Irish twist on the trend is smaller and less formal.
Whether your day stretches to 1 or more days, it could include an intimate, night-before meal in your venue, or pub grub and a trad session in a local bar with all your guests (and half the village!), the key is to make it fun, but not so fun that you’re still there at 1am! 👰❤️💋

Top 10 Wedding Trends in 2019