Some tips to help with your wedding budget.

Some tips to help your wedding budget stretch a little further.

The perfect day DOESN’T mean spending load. Too many couples work through a wanna-have list – a film star dress, flowing champagne, platinum rings, 500 guests, a five-star honeymoon. Only then do they ask how they’ll pay for it. What you need is a planned wedding budget.

One disgruntled father told us: “I asked my daughter what her wedding budget was. She asked me, ‘Dad, how can I work out my budget until I know what I want?'” So, instead, ask “what can we afford to spend?

Let’s start with the ring (after finding The One!)

OK, so you’re ready to pop the question – first, you have to find the ring. Jewellery advertisers would have you believe the rock should cost two months’ salary, yet whatever your budget, you can still find a great looking ring.

Cheap jewellery quarters

Londoners and Brummies can take advantage of precious metal dealers on their doorstep. The UK has two world-famous jewellery districts: Hatton Garden in London and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

These are full of hyper-competitive specialist merchants, which deal in bulk and are usually cheaper than normal high street shops. Haggling’s a must and could be well worth a visit.

Pick up a second-hand sparkler

Vintage rings can be gorgeous.  Don’t think second-hand means second-rate – many celebs sport vintage engagement rings on their fingers. You can find some real gems in vintage and antique shops.

Hand-me-downs are worth a look.

A much-loved family heirloom can have more significance than a new ring – and best of all is free. So ask family members if they can dip into their jewellery boxes for hand-me-downs. You might get lucky.

Examine and check diamonds carefully

If you’re buying a diamond ring, it’s worth noting that the quality and look of diamonds can vary (even in the same range). So always check the ring for yourself if you can.

Don’t forget to insure your ring

It’s easy to forget you may have just added a few grand to your personal belongings. Call your insurer and check your rings are covered – you may need a separate insurance.

Hopefully, this little bit of advice will help you plan your wedding budget and still have a great day.

Some tips to help with your wedding budget.