2019 Wedding Trends

2019 Wedding trends.

In the last few years we have seen a huge change in weddings and how couples plan their big day. There is no longer a set format to follow for a wedding in Northern Ireland, every wedding can be unique and now more than ever couples are looking to put their own stamp on things and create a day that their guests will talk about for years to come. For some, their Wedding is an event and it takes a lot of planning and coordination to put it all together – not to mention budget!

 When it comes to weddings there is little doubt that what happens in American Weddings eventually filters through to Irish weddings. While Europe leads the way in many elements such as Fashion and trends, its our American cousins that show us how to Wedding! Generally, Weddings in the US are quite different to the usual traditional Irish wedding format and this has given modern couples the inspiration to step away from the norm and be a little braver in their choices.

For 2019 we will see this trend continue to grow and we welcome it with open arms! Your Wedding should be about celebrating you as a couple with the style of your day reflecting your personalities – you no longer have to conform to please Aunt Margaret and the local Priest; it’s your wedding and you now have the licence to do it in any way you please!

To help and inspire, we have put together some of our favourite Wedding trends for 2019

Alternative Venues: In times gone by 99% of couples who got married in Ireland all followed the same format; Religious ceremony in local church followed by reception in a nice hotel not too far away where you would treat your guests to a 3-course meal and then dance the night away. In recent years we have seen a rise in the popularity of Civil and Spiritualist Ceremonies which means that couples can choose to exchange vows almost anywhere!

One major advantage of this trend is having your ceremony and reception in the one venue, it makes time-lines so much easier, means less travelling for you and your guests and also means that you will get to spend more time with your guests as you won’t need to travel to a different location for photos.  Outdoor weddings are rising in popularity, even with the unpredictable Irish weather, couples are opting to have their ceremony in beautiful country gardens of stately homes, in picturesque woodlands, on the beach and in city parks. There are really no limits to the different types of ceremonies on offer now and imaginative couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to their wedding ceremony location. If you want to get married outside on the top of a mountain – then it’s possible!


Dress Trends: As with many elements of todays weddings the choices when it comes to Wedding Dresses and kitting out your Bridal Party are endless. Irish Bridal boutiques are way ahead in terms of style and choice and this in turn has meant that Irish Brides are leading the way in the style stakes. Designers from all over the world are seeking to be stocked by Bridal Shops in Northern Ireland and the selection is simply amazing. Again, there are no limits when it comes to choosing your wedding dress you can choose to go for traditional or you can go for something completely different – the choices are endless.

There are a few key Wedding Dress trends that we will see Irish Brides carry forward into 2019 and beyond.

               Colour – This trend has been creeping into the Bridal world for a few years and finally its totally acceptable for a bride to wear whatever colour she likes. We saw a return of the statement Black Wedding dress on the Bridal Catwalk this year from popular designers such as Ronald Joyce and Justin Alexander which gives your ‘everyday’ bride the option of a couture bridal look without the couture price tag. Hayley Paige is a designer that needs little introduction and she has been offering a rainbow of colours in her creative designs and it’s something that Irish Brides really love. With some Brides choosing to dress in colour, this in turn has seen a rise in popularity of the neutral bridesmaid dress – A trend that was highlighted a few years back by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton when she had her sister Pippa as bridesmaid, dressed in a fabulous white Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress. This is a trend that is set to continue as brides want their bridal party to look stylish and elegant and tone in with the Bridal colours. 

               Sleeves – Again another trend that is loved by the Royals with Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie all opting to wear a wedding dress with sleeves. Sleeves are no longer an afterthought for brides who don’t want to show their arms but are a style statement in themselves. For 2019 wedding dress sleeves are long, fitted and have intricate detailing and often a bell sleeve finish. Sleeves aren’t just for colder weather, sheer fabrics and illusion detailing mean that they are perfect for any season. 

               The Meghan effect

When Prince Harry married Suits Actress Meghan Markle in August 2018 the world was watching and every Bridal Designer worth their tulle was poised with a pad and pencil to take note of every detail of Meghan Markle’s Wedding dress as it was sure to have a huge impact on the upcoming bridal trends.

Thankfully Meghan didn’t disappoint and wowed everyone with a stunning Givenchy gown that was the embodiment of elegance and simplicity. During New York Bridal Week we saw just how much impact the Meghan Effect had on upcoming trends with almost every designer showcasing elements influenced by Meghan’s dress with clean, minimalist lines, boat necklines and simple silhouettes.


Statement Flowers – If you love all things wedding and spend your life planning your Pinterest wedding then you will know that when it comes to statement wedding flowers the Australians have the edge. An Ozzy wedding is not complete without some statement flowers and it’s something that Australian Brides put a great deal of thought and planning into. This is a trend that has been slowly burning in the background within Irish weddings but 2019 is the year of statement wedding flowers and we can’t wait! Hanging flower installations will be everywhere as couples get more creative with their flower décor. Statement bouquets are going nowhere, and couples are hiring their florists to work in tandem with wedding décor companies to create unique fresh flower décor that can be used for the wedding ceremony and then reworked to use as part of the reception decoration. Today’s couples want to get the most from their budget and a great way to do this is to repurpose items that have been used in the ceremony venue so that it can be reworked for the evening reception. If you work with the right suppliers, then you can create something wonderful without breaking the budget. And remember – silk and artificial flowers and foliage can work wonders when used correctly and the quality means that your guests wont even notice that they aren’t fresh

The Stylish Groom – In weddings gone by it was often difficult to tell the Groom apart from the other men in the Bridal Party as it was traditional for them all to wear the same suit. Gone are the days where the Groom is only identifiable from the colour of his tie to match the bride, todays Grooms want to stand out from the crowd and feel that special – it’s not all about the Bride! This trend has evolved over the last few years where men in general have begun to take more interest in their styling and fashion choices and want to wear something special on their wedding day. A great way to achieve this is to have the Groom in a suit that compliments the colours of the other men’s suits but is a different style so that he stands out alongside his new Bride. Modern day grooms are as keen to make the day about them as well as the bride and lots of Grooms are opting to buy a suit for their wedding day.

Bold Colours

– We are finally saying goodbye to Blush Pink in favour of bolder colour choices! Blush pink and soft pastels will always be popular Wedding colour choices as they are gorgeous romantic tones that will work with most themes, but we are welcoming bold and bright colours to shake it all up a bit! 2019 will see fabulously rich emerald green, purples, blues and all sorts of gorgeous jewelled tones make its way into wedding décor, flowers, stationery and dresses. Going all out with this wedding colour scheme won’t be for everyone but there are lots of ways to incorporate bold colours within your theme without having to go all out. Flower are a fab way to work a colour theme into your wedding style without having to commit to a full-on rainbow of bright bold colours! Adding a little pop of colour in the form of flowers is ideal and you have the option to then keep everything else simple. Another fab way to include colour within your wedding day is by going all out with your wedding cake! A statement wedding cake in a rich jewel colour will look beautiful in your wedding photos and will have your guests wondering if its too pretty to cut!

Dessert table While we are on the subject of Statement Wedding Cakes, lots of couples are opting to swap the traditional 3 tier wedding cake in favour of a dessert table! Wedding cakes are fab but can be quite expensive and a lot can go to waste. Some modern couples are choosing to do away with the traditional wedding cake set up in favour of a range of dessert and treats that they know their guests will love and there really isn’t anything prettier than a fabulous table full of tasty treats! Wedding macaroons, mini donuts, cake pops, cupcakes and candy floss are all popular when it comes to wedding sweet treats – place a one tier wedding cake in the middle and you have got wedding heaven! Another great idea to get better use of your wedding cake is to serve it during the drinks reception – who doesn’t love something a little sweet and it will keep the hunger at bay until you are called for dinner.

Unplugged Ceremonies – this is a tough one and generally you get a 50/50 split of people are for or against having an unplugged ceremony but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if you agree or not – it’s the choice of the couple getting married! We are seeing more and more couples choosing to have an unplugged wedding, and certainly more having an unplugged ceremony. The fact that we are in the age of Social Media and it seems that a huge section of our community can’t even go to the shop without posting it on SnapChat means that we have now reached a time where couples must state if they want their guests to use their cameras and phones during their wedding. Couples spend a huge portion of their budget on the photographer and videographer as they want to capture the intimate moments of their wedding day so they can have those moments to look back on forever, what they don’t want is to have that shot of the bride walking down the aisle ruined by a well meaning guest trying to get the shot on their iPhone.

Lots of couples are now choosing to let their guests know that they would rather they didn’t post photos on social media and rather they just enjoy the moment with them. Lots of couples now have a sign as part of their wedding décor advising guests that they have opted to have an unplugged wedding, another great way to announce this is to have the celebrant mention it before the ceremony begins. 


2019 Wedding Trends