Wedding Hoop Décor that we love

Wedding Hoop Décor that we love

One Wedding Décor trend that we are going to see A LOT of in 2019 is Floral Hoops. They have slowly been creeping in over the last 18 months but are now bursting on the scene in a big way. And why not?! They are super pretty and what’s better, they are a great DIY Décor option for crafty couples out there. With so many variations and the fact that they look amazing with silk flowers, the floral hoop trend is a firm favorite!


Bouquet Alternative – Traditionally Brides and her bridesmaids carry a floral bouquet, but a fabulous alternative is a floral hoop! Such a pretty alternative and perfect to add perfect for anyone looking to do something a little different.


Pew Ends – There are little thousands of options for pretty ceremony pew ends and a mini floral hoop is a perfect option. You can keep it simple with flowers and greenery or add in some texture with ribbons and fabric. There can also be reused effectively as reception décor by tying them to the back of chairs at the top table!


Table Plan – If you want to add a little quirkiness to your table plan or simply carry your floral hoop theme through to your décor then your Table Plan is a great place to do this. You can have the hoops hanging freely if that works with your venue or you could mount it within a frame to make a fabulous décor statement.

Hanging Décor – Hanging hoops are quite simply our favourite. These beauties transform a space in minutes and are a beautiful way to add atmosphere to a room – drape some warm fairy lights for the evening and let them be a focal point of your reception décor.

Moon Gate – This is the quite literally the Mother Hoop! Moon Gates are the new flower arch and are a beautiful statement piece to use as your Ceremony backdrop, entrance décor or Cake display or simply just as something beautiful!

Wedding Hoop Décor that we love
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