Spring into action with Lumina

Is your marketing ready for spring summer 17? No better time than March when the clocks go back heralding the arrival of summer.

If you haven’t acted already, you could have missed not one but two seasonal opportunities to market your organisation. But fear not, because there is still time to act and capitalise on the changes in consumer activity that the changing of the clocks often brings.

For example, after scrimping and saving over Christmas and the New Year consumers welcome the arrival on a new season as well as the opportunity to finally treat themselves after months of frugality.

This is a great chance for you to reconnect with customers and engage them in new and inspiring ways.

The longer evenings will also mean that consumers are out and about, looking for more to do and see as well as more interaction and experiences from brands.

They want to be captivated and connected. And that’s where experiential marketing comes in.

Take something simple like Mother’s Day. This is an obvious holiday that can and should be leveraged for marketing purposes. But why not think outside the box and put a timeless twist on it this year.

With Mother’s Day falling on the same day each year, why not create a bold event that celebrates the timelessness of motherhood with a timely theme like ‘Once upon a time’.

Conjure up augmented reality fairy tale characters to bring the theme to life and directly engage consumers with mirrors and magic that evoke memories of childhood.

Spring makes us feel ready to ditch those tired old ideas and create something completely new. Think of it as a great big spring clean that allows you to take a fresh eye and directly address the needs of your current and potential customers.

A change in season is the best reason to kick off a new marketing campaign, with the right tools and a creative flair, you needn’t fear the ideas of March.

Indeed, you should dust of your plans, spring into action and develop marketing activity that will deliver maximum impact and make the most of your precious time.

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Spring into action with Lumina